Day 1 - Pull to Refresh

The challenge was to design & prototype a “pull to refresh” experience for a photo sharing app.

*The photos are from the photographer Pierre Châtel-Innocenti and his work can be seen on his instagram.

Day 2 - Drag to Rearrange

Design & prototype a “drag to rearrange” web experience for a photo or image grid.


Day 3 - Experience for Smart Home App

Design & prototype the user experience for dimming a smart bulb on a smart home mobile app. How can the user access and control the bulb?


Day 4 - Color by Number Mobile App

Design & prototype a “Color by Number” mobile app. What would be an easy way to identify all the areas associated with that color? How would you represent completed colors for the user?


Day 5 - Send Cash Smart Watch App

Design and prototype a smart watch app for sending cash.


Day 6 - Voice Command Smart Watch App

Add a voice command to yesterday's smart watch app for sending cash. Added and tweaked Day 5’s Challenge.


Day 7 - Mobile Notification Experience

Design and prototype a mobile notification experience for a lock screen.

Day 8 - Finance App Chart Experience

Design and prototype a chart experience for a finance app. Think about how the user could access the charts, such as tapping to expand.

Day 9 - Swipe to Edit Email Client Experience

Design and prototype a “swipe to edit” experience for an email client. How does a user delete, archive, and mark as read?