General Assembly Tech Conference



In the past, live Q&A sessions have always gone over in time and not all audience questions were addressed. Panel members are answering questions on the spot and often do not have the time to think of the best answer to the question that was asked.


General Assembly would like to create a feature on their Tech Sessions conference app where users can submit a question to a panel member prior to the event in an effort to make the Q&A sessions as informative and beneficial to the user as possible.


According to General Assembly's research, the two top priorities in choosing a session were time/location and the session topic. Keeping that in mind, I created a feature that allows the users to submit questions to the right session and panelist by informing the users of all information on sessions and panelists.


This was an individual project. I was the lead project manager and designer.


Sketch, pen, paper


core user story and goal

"As a user who will be attending the conference, I would like to find a sessions about Usability Testing and submit a question to an individual member of the panel to be answered during the Q&A."

design process


A few must haves:

  • Time- sessions are every two hours, on the hour and the entire conference is from 9AM-6PM, both days.
  • Panelist information- the panelists are industry professionals but they are not household names. 
  • Session information- each session has three panelists and they all take place on the General Assembly campus but in different rooms.

I was inspired by apple calendar so my solution was to list out all the panels and in each box, a brief description of the session- the three panelists, room number, time, location, and session topic. 

When the user chooses a session they are interested in, more in-depth biographies of the panelists will be presented to the user, such as who they are, what their speciality is, what some of the things they've worked on are, and so on. If the user feels this is the right event to ask their questions to, they can. This will then lead the user to the question screen. If, however, the user feels this is not the session they thought it was going to be, there is an option for the user to go back to the calendar to check out the other sessions. 

For consistency, the session information follows, gently reminding the user of where their question is being directed. I've indicated which information goes where in each textbox, such as "type your name" and "type your question..." The decision to make the name required was from the users asking a specific question to a specific panelist. In that case, the panelist might want to address the user directly. It's also nice to know that your question is being asked and answered.

The last screen is a confirmation screen. It lets the user know their question has been submitted and if they have more questions they want to ask, they can by going back to the calendar. 

For color scheme, I have chosen to stay with General Assembly's color of red and white.

annotated wireframes


This is a "happy path" userflow, the ideal steps the user will take to find the right session and submit their question.