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Heroes to Heroes



Heroes to Heroes, a non-profit organization that provides a spiritual healing and peer support program for American veterans who suffer from moral injuries, PTSD, and brain injuries, felt their website does not reflect their values and may hinder veterans/donors from being a part of their organization.

client goals & solution

  • To improve the existing website
  • To make the donating process more efficient and easier
  • To encourage more people to donate
  • Need a separate area for veterans that explains the program and the process.
  • For veterans to be able to apply online instead of having to download and mail in physical application forms
  • To have two separate application forms- one for American veterans and one for Israeli veterans- since different information would be needed
  • To include the media attention they have been getting


In a six-person team, I was the client point of contact and lead homepage and donor process designer.


Sketch, pen, paper


Here are some screenshots of what the current website looks like:

 Donor page
 Donor page
 Veteran's application page
 Donor page
 Veteran's application page

design process


With the current design, as soon as you land on the homepage, the images changes too frequently and too fast. It can be a little distressing, especially if you are a veteran with a brain injury and that may not be a good thing. We also noticed that there were too many information and visually jam packed– it's overwhelming. All in all, there was too much going on. 

annotated wireframes