Finding a place to eat is always an issue and it turns out to be a very common problem, spanning all ages. There are many apps that are designed to help you find the restaurant or food you want but in reality, it never seems to be that simple, mostly because we don't know what we want.


Restaurant goers need to find a better way, an easier way, to choose a place. By creating an app that allows users to eliminate different types of foods they don't want, users will be able to find exactly what they're looking for.


This was a personal project. I was the lead project manager, user interviewer, user researcher, and designer.


Sketch, POP Prototype, InVision, Keynote, pen, paper


user interview

From my interview sessions, I was able to find interesting behaviors/habits, themes, and trends. For instance, some of my interviewees had specific orders in which they used the apps/features, or when they would use the apps/features (eating in vs going out).


 I created a persona to guide our user-centered design process from my research.


design process

affinity mapping



A few must have features:

  • Eliminate cuisine types the user isn't interested in
  • Eliminate the types of food the user isn't interested in
  • Photos of the food and interiors
  • Information of the restaurant, such as hours, location, and accessibility

lo-fi wireframes

hi-fi wireframes

annotated wireframes


This is a "happy path" userflow. Assuming that the user already joined Picky, this userflow follows the ideal steps the user will make to find a restaurant of their choice.