Replacement Cost Estimator

Replacement Cost Estimator



Contacted by company A, a fully managed, enterprise-level software company, they use an open source model of sorts which means any of their clients can see their source code and add contributions/edit which can be then used by the entire client community.


They are working on a new feature to add to the system, called a Replacement Cost Estimator. In home insurance, these estimators are used to calculate the value of a home, so that the correct amount of insurance can be given to the end customer.


A simple and minimal questionnaire surrounded by soft colors. It's hard for customers to estimate the replacement cost of their homes so the process of answering questions should be easy. It could be overwhelming to see the amount of questions they need to answer, so I eliminated that by making the user answer one question at a time. To let them know exactly where they are in the process, I’ve included a progress bar with the number of questions they answered. I’ve also used the colors blue and green in the background because these colors represent peace, serenity, and calmness.


I was the ux/ui designer.


Sketch, pen, paper.



As an agent using company A, I am able to quickly get a replacement cost estimate for my customer, so that they can have the correct amount of homeowner's insurance.


Here is a current screenshot of the current process:


Watch a very quick prototype of the questionnaire.